Review: The Beautiful Miscellaneous by Dominic Smith

For the record, let me just say that I get uncharacteristically attached with the characters in the book that I read and I have a hard time dealing when the time comes for me to let go of them.

This sentiment is especially true after reading The Beautiful Miscellaneous by Dominic Smith. The book is essentially about a seemingly ordinary boy who has been living under the shadow of his father’s genius.

A huge chunk of the novel is about particle physics and I thoroughly enjoyed it as I am rediscovering my love for science at the moment (thanks in large part to the ultra nerdy boy, who is presently making me soup because I am showing signs of a cold).

It is an unusual yet extraordinary coming-of-age novel. It is beautifully written and the characters are quirky, a tad bit eccentric, and three-dimensional.

I couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down my cheeks as I closed the book. I curled up in bed way before bedtime and cried myself to sleep.

The Beautiful Miscellaneous is a splendid train ride – sad, beautiful, and sad again.

I highly recommend it to those who love intelligent material and are not afraid of shedding a tear or two (or in my case, buckets). The existence of this book, and many other books that are equally beautiful and intelligent, gives me hope.

This was a post by Hanna, who has unleashed her science nerdiness.


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