I think I feel things far too much, not all of the time, but when I do it’s like travelling through space at the speed of light and it hits hard enough to bruise. When I love a person or a place or a thing I just can’t do it in small amounts, I love whatever it is so much that I feel like I could spontaneously combust. Starbursts in my head, raw nerves in my heart, electricity in my stomach. It’s desperate and sad and heartbreaking and it’s there. It’s the difference between thinking and feeling, and it is fiercer than a lion.

Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. This is why we read or write or play music or create an army of robot skeletons. We find avenues to let our monsters loose and use our creative energy to turn them into something positive and useful as opposed to churning out something that’s bound to be detrimental. I think that it’s okay to feel too much. There’s nothing wrong with that. You just have to find an outlet for your creative energies to avoid spontaneous combustion.

Thank you very much for sharing your sentiments! The Exchange is our refuge. You are welcome to come back anytime. 🙂


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