Review: The wild inner workings of Christoper Moore’s brain

Kubi introduced me to Christopher Moore by including a copy of A Dirty Job among the books she brought for our semi-regular book exchange. I quickly became a fan of Christopher Moore and am now gradually going through his entire catalog.

Bloodsucking Fiends

On a more recent book-exchange date, Kubi brought Bloodsucking Fiends, which is the first in a trilogy of vampire stories. It begins with a brutal assault on a seemingly ordinary woman named Jody in a dark alley in San Francisco. When she wakes up and recalls the attack, she immediately dials 911 and wrestles with the emergency options. Thus begins her hilarious journey to immortality.

Moore has created an incredible cast including C. Thomas Flood, The Animals, a couple of San Francisco cops, and my personal favorite, The Emperor.

Among the three books in the series, this is the one that I enjoyed the most. It is an ingenious piece of work that can only be the product of the wild inner workings of Christopher Moore’s brain. It is an incredibly clever tale that is both genuinely funny and poignant at the same time. It is gloriously macabre and thoroughly enjoyable.

You Suck

You Suck picks up right where the story ended (although it was published twelve years after the first book). It is important to note the introduction of a new character, Abby Normal, who is a wise-ass and devoted minion. But I particularly enjoyed the fact that the quirky characters from the first book are back and wreaking havoc in the second one.

It is a delightfully perverse tale that somehow manages to successfully throw in giant cats, boning a smurf, and hot monkey sex into the mix. It is a story that Booklist refers to as “[A] hilarious mockery of the pursuit of the appetites.”

While this book definitely did not suck, Bloodsucking Fiends remains to be my favorite in the series.

Bite Me

I have no intention of giving anything away as reading Bite Me, the final volume in the series, is a wildly entertaining ride that you have to experience for yourself. But I will say this: A vampyre cat named Chet is terrorizing the city of San Francisco and the fate of the world lies in the hands of a teenage goth girl in a pair of red vinyl thigh-high boots called Shankenstein. Indeed.

Bite Me provides a satisfying conclusion to this delightfully macabre series, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I would like to thank Kubi for introducing me to the hilarious and mildly disturbing works of Christopher Moore. I am looking forward to borrowing your copy of Fool.

This was a post by Hanna, who is ecstatic about raiding bookstores again tomorrow despite being frighteningly broke.

Review: The wild inner workings of Christoper Moore’s brain

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