Review: An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

I finished an unbelievably fantastic book today entitled An Abundance of Katherines by one of my favorite people in the whole world, the endearingly adorkable John Green.

Alas, the poor book has suffered from underline overkill and there are parentheses and circles everywhere.

It is important to note the essential elements that make this book awesome:

  1. anagrams
  2. trivia
  3. science nerdiness
  4. graphs, equations, other math stuff
  5. fucktastic characters
  6. languages
  7. dingleberries
  8. an eyelash in the pupillary sphincter
  9. underline-able passages
  10. all-around geekery

It is a charming novel that is genuinely funny and incredibly intelligent. The characters are real, flawed, endearing, and wonderfully three-dimensional. Colin Singleton, the protagonist, does get a bit whiny and annoying. But then there’s Hassan, Colin’s best friend, who always manages to save the day either by cracking a joke or faking an asthma attack.

This is a remarkable coming-of-age novel that is peppered with obscure references, random facts, and a whole lot of math. I really enjoyed reading An Abundance of Katherines and I highly recommend this to anyone who loves books, footnotes, roadtrips, useless trivia, or math (actually, you don’t have to be a genius at math to appreciate or understand the story as there is an appendix at the end of the book that explains everything).

This was a post by Hanna, who needs to study for her final exam in political science. Right now.

Review: An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

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