Review: Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini

Ned Vizzini’s astounding novel, Be More Chill, is a tale about the horrors of high school and what Jeremy Heere, the awkward and adorkable protagonist, did to survive it.

Jeremy was keeping tally sheets to record his daily doses of humiliation and spouting out ringing declarations of his love for Christine – a beautiful, intelligent, and all-around unattainable girl – in his head-world until he heard about the “squip.” It is a pill that is actually a quantum computer that when ingested, can communicate with your brain and transform you into the epitome of cool. It is basically a high school survival handbook in pill form that dictates what you should do in Keanu Reeves’ voice. In true high school fashion, something goes wrong and Jeremy has to choose between being cool and doing the right thing.

Vizzini manages to create a fantastic story that is hilarious, poignant, and incredibly real despite it being about a supercomputer in the form of a pill. Be More Chill is brilliantly written and I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the strange world that Ned Vizzini has created.

This was a post by Hanna, who just had breakfast for dinner with the boy and the sister.

Review: Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini

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