Review: Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer

“Snow started falling like a promise, dusting the streets with anticipation of good things to come.”

This book has touched on my greatest fear. Naturally, I won’t reveal it as doing so would give away an essential part of the story. However, I will say this: Hope Was Here can definitely turn on the waterworks.

It begins with an integral moment in Hope Yancey’s life. After the salutations and formalities have been dealt with, Joan Bauer then urges us to sit down and have dinner with the characters of the story. She has created them in a such a way that makes us feel connected to them somehow and that is a magical thing. A distinct characteristic of a Bauer novel is a strong female protagonist, who is the glue that holds everything together. Granted, these female characters are flawed, lead dysfunctional lives, and are on the road towards finding themselves, but damn it, they are tenacious, determined, and utterly relatable. Bauer writes sentences that pull you in and allow you to walk amongst the wonderfully quirky characters she has brought into being. A pivotal moment in the book sneaks up on you in pussyfoot and what soon follows is a surge of emotions.

I really do get attached to the people in the stories I read and it makes me sad to let any of them go. I have to say that finding this gem of a book among other dusty treasures is probably one of the best things I have ever done in a while. It is a beautiful thing to find hope amidst the omnipresence of pain and sadness and this book reminds us to do just that.

This was a post by Hanna, who relishes the fact that she is, indeed, at this very moment, happy.

Review: Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer

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