Review: 84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff

I’ve just finished 84 Charing Cross Road, the documentation of a 20-year correspondence between Helene Hanff and a London bookseller. I had been told repeatedly by Hanna and the pixie that I had to read this book. I finally got around to it, and am very thankful to the girls that I did.

Helene Hanff in Central Park, New York | Oil on canvas, 28” x 36” | by Elena Gaussen

Anyway, the photo here is one of (I guess) a few portraits Elena Gaussen painted of Helene Hanff. I would have really liked to see the one she had done of Helene in Russell Square, which the latter had written about in the sequel to 84 CharingThe Duchess of Bloomsbury Street. But there doesn’t seem to be a photo of it online. Or it is late, and I didn’t look hard enough? But there is Helene just the same.

A choice quote:

“The Newman arrived almost a week ago and I’m just beginning to recover. I keep it on the table with me all day, every now and then I stop typing and reach over and touch it. Not because it’s a first edition; I just never saw a book so beautiful. “

This is a sentiment, I am sure, many of us share. And with that, I say goodnight.

This was a post by Kubi who intends to watch some tennis tomorrow.


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