Of Lists, Monster TBR Piles, and Frittering


Illustration by Ping Zhu for The Oyster Review

Earlier this month, The Oyster Review put together a list of 100 best books published since 2010. I’ve read only four of the books in the top ten: Patti Smith’s Just Kids (#2), Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life (#3), Paul Murray’s Skippy Dies (#6), and Jennifer Egan’s A Visit to the Goon Squad (#7).

A multitude of my favorites showed up on the list, but I still have a lot of catching up to do. Looking through the entire list, I felt like Rory Gilmore in The Road Trip to Harvard, when she found out about the number of books in the Harvard Library:

I’m a failure. I am stupid. I am uninformed and ignorant and… I can’t even think of a second synonym for uninformed. I suck. Thirteen million volumes? I’ve read like, what, three hundred books in my entire life and I’m already sixteen? Do you know how long it would take me to read thirteen million books?

It’s impossible not to feel like I’ve been frittering away my whole life when my TBR pile is of gargantuan proportions, and there are lists, such as this one, that remind me of the number of books that I still have yet to read.

Anyhoo,  how many of The Oyster Review‘s 100 books have you read? What books would make it to your top ten? If you’re looking for excellent book recommendations, check out the list and let us know what you plan on reading.

Of Lists, Monster TBR Piles, and Frittering

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